The Best Telescope For Kids – The Moonee Portable Refractor Telescopes for Kids


Kids are naturally curious. And, there’s no better way to build on your young one’s curiosity than to buy them the best telescope for kids on the market. With many models on the market, choosing the right instrument for your kid can be difficult. That’s why we’ve picked one of the best kids’ telescope on the market to help you make an informed buying decision. 

Moonee is a brand known to manufacture some of the best telescopes for kids. It was established several years ago and knows what parents look for in telescopes for their kids. The company is enjoying positive reviews on many top review sites. It also manufactures adjustable magnifier desk lamps.

The Moonee Refractor Telescope for Kids is designed to enable your young ones to explore the skies and view craters on the moon. It comes with enough information to make every stargazing session a learning experience for your little one. 

The telescope is easy to setup, meaning in a few days of showing your kids how to go about its assembly, they’ll be able to use the instrument even when you’re away or busy. It’s built to trigger your kids’ excitement and curiosity to explore the universe.

The portable telescope for kids is also ideal for entry level astronomers. It’s designed to support viewing of the moon and its craters from your backyard, garden or balcony. 

What We Like

We like that the telescope is made specifically for kids, but also ideal for beginners. It means the telescope can be used by kids and other members of the family with little to no experience when it comes to stargazing. 

What’s more, the price it goes for is fair enough for a product kids can easily damage in a glimpse of an eye. If there’s need for a more powerful telescope at a slightly higher price, the telescope has another option with 150X magnification power.

What We Don’t Like

Advanced stargazers in the family may need a more powerful telescope for deep-sky viewing of other spatial objects apart from the moon. Moreover, older kids may get bored of watching the moon over and over again. The ability to watch different interesting objects in space is what makes stargazing fun.

Features of the Moonee Refractor Telescope for Kids

  • 360 mm focal length 
  • 90x magnification power (close-up eyepieces)
  • 18X wide view fields 

1 The Moonee Portable




  • It comes with high quality optical glass lenses for detailed viewing of objects 
  • The light weight and compact design renders the telescope portable 
  • It’s easy to setup and use, making it ideal for kids and beginner users
  • It inspires kids to love the universe and exploration of outer space
  • Enjoys use by millions of families worldwide
  • Allows for close-up and wide views of the moon 
  • Guarantee 100% satisfaction 
  • It’s cost-effective and affordable to all
  • The tripod adjusts horizontally and vertically for easy exploration of lunar surfaces
  •  Gives a detailed view of the moon to reveal plateaus, volcanoes, craters, etc.


  • Doesn’t give view to other celestial objects kids may find interesting
  • Not ideal for intermediate or advanced users with more demanding needs


Buying Advice

Whether you’re buying telescopes for kids or adults, consider various factors to ensure you get the best instrument and value for your money. Before you pay for a telescope, it’s important to take your kids through telescopes: what they are, the features they come with and how they work. Teach them a little bit more about astronomy and the universe at a basic level.

This is key to making your kids informed users of telescopes. They’ll understand what they’re doing with the telescope and even develop interest in learning more about the subject matter. You never know, but your kids may just discover a great interest in studying celestial objects, laying a good foundation for a related career in the future.

Consider the type of telescope you want to buy for your kids. Do you want a reflecting telescope, refractor or compound telescope? Make sure your budget can afford the type of telescope you choose. 

However, there’s no need to buy a costly telescope for kids. The best telescopes under 100 are ideal for beginner use. They’re easy to setup and use, making them child-friendly. But, it’s best to choose a telescope designed specifically for kids to ensure your kids get the most out of your purchase.

Choose a telescope for kids manufactured by a top brand in the industry. It also pays to check out user reviews online to determine if the telescope you want to buy is good or not. Although a few negative reviews may point to manufacturing faults, be wary of a product with hundreds or thousands of bad reviews.

Finally, determine the celestial objects you want your kids to watch with the telescope. Whereas some are designed to view specific objects such as the moon, others can let your kids view more objects. However, that would come at a slightly higher cost than telescopes that view only one celestial object.



Everybody loves gazing into the sky, and kids aren’t left out. The curious nature of kids makes stargazing a fun activity to keep them busy. It’s also a good way for them to learn about various celestial objects such as the moon. The Moonee Refractor Telescope for Kids is sturdy enough to last a few years of use and let your kids master basic astronomy skills.

Whether you’re buying your kids their first telescope or replacing an old or damaged instrument, there’re bound to love this one. It’s a good way to keep your kids busy and engaged. They need a fun way to burn off the excess energy they may use to destroy things in the house.

Check out more information about the Moonee Refractor Telescope for Kids on Amazon to order the best telescope for kids for your young ones.

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